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Rhino Rack Roof Rack Lighting Solutions

Updated: Apr 1

Front Light Bar Bracket - STEDI LED Light Bar Bracket

New 2020 Version 2 Design: Our new May 2020 release bracket fits Rhino-Rack Platform's both new and old variants.

We may be a little biased, but we think this is the sleekest Rhino Rack LED Light Bar mounting solution on the market. Designed by STEDI specifically to suit the Rhino RackPioneer Platform. This is the only solution on the market that is 100% bolt-on.


  • Manufactured using 4mm thick stainless steel.

  • The powder-coat is a textured finish that precisely matches the tone and texture of the Rhino Rack

  • The light bar mounting points are slotted allowing height optimisation of the light bar.

  • Ability to slide the mounts backward and forward along the platform channel.

  • Mounts lights directly below the Rhino platform

  • Add-on front mount plate allows the light bar to sit in front of the Rhino Rack

Learn more - STEDI Light Bar Bracket to Suit Rhino Rack Platform V2.0

Light bars that suit a 4 plank rack:

- STEDI ST3K LED Slim Light Bar - 41.5" 40 LED

- STEDI ST3301 Pro Single Row Light Bar - 41" 28 LED

- STEDI ST4K Double Row Light Bar - 42" 80 LED

- STEDI ST3303 Pro Ultra Light LED Double Row Light bar - 39"

- STEDI ST-X LED Light Bar - 40"

- STEDI ST2K Curved Light Bar - 40.5"

Light bars that suit a 5 plank rack:

- STEDI ST3K LED Slim Light Bar - 51.5"

- STEDI ST4K Double Row Light Bar - 50" 96 LED

- STEDI ST-X LED Light Bar - 50"

- STEDI ST2K Curved Light Bar - 50.8"

Side Work Lights - STEDI Surface LED Lights & Rock Light Easy Fit Mount

The all-new Rock Light Easy Fit Brackets is the latest innovative accessory designed by STEDI that will take your lighting game to the next level. Designed specifically to suit the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Backbone System, the STEDI Rock Light Easy Fit Bracket can be easily mounted without drilling any holes in your backbone. Simply screw the bracket to one of the holes located on the sides of the Rhino-Rack Backbone (must have a diameter of 26mm to 47mm) and away you go.

Learn more - STEDI Rock Light Easy Fit - Rhino Racks

Lights to suit:

- STEDI Surface 5700K LED Rock Light

- STEDI Surface 6 LED RGB Rock Lights

Rear Work Lights - Micro ST3520 LED Work Lights

Our lowest profile LED Light bar with a total height of only 26mm is perfect for those looking for a combo beam but running tight on space or looking to keep the factory look to their vehicle. Available in 3 different sizes to fit any application, our ST3520 Micro is the easy choice when looking for that bit of extra light. Perfect for the rear of your Rhino Rack.

Size option:

- STEDI Micro ST3520 18W LED Work Light - 7.8"

- STEDI Micro ST3520 Flood LED Work Light - 13" 24W

- STEDI Micro ST3520 LED Work Light - 26" 72W

The ST3520 Micro work lights can also be used as side lights the following brackets:

- STEDI Roof Rack Light Bracket (Pair) - ST3520 Miro 7.8"

- STEDI Roof Rack Light Bracket (Pair) - ST3520 Miro 13.9"

Other flood work lights:

- STEDI 20W LED Slim Work Light - 2 Pack - STEDI C4 LED Light Cube Black Edition - Flood

- STEDI ST3301 Pro CREE LED Work Light

- STEDI 10W Mini V2 LED Flood Light

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