4inch stainless snorkel for the Ford Ranger PX MK3.

Please note: The 2.0L Bi-Turbo variant requires a compulsory airbox replacement. Please ensure you select the correct engine variant for your vehicle.


Made from the finest 316 stainless steel and purge welded to guarantee longevity and a superior quality finish. 

Each snorkel comes with a 3mm laser cut endcap, all required fixtures and fittings and a comprehensive fitting guide to ensure a trouble free installation. 


Please note: our templates are hand drawn for accuracy and copied on paper or light card. The reason for this, is that we have found that paper/light card is easily manipulated and therefore has been the best option for us being able to accurately modify our templates to suit each vehicle.


Optional Extras:

Powder Coated Black Matte +$100

Powder Coated Black Satin +$100

Powder Coated Black Gloss +$100

Colour Coding + $300

Forged Snorkel - Ford Ranger PXI/PXII/PXIII


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