Our TrailMax roof rack platform system to suit the Ford Ranger (PX2) 15-18  is like no other. This is due to our tough, aggressive design that follows the vehicle’s original roof lines and profile. Additionally its streamline and yet fully practical mounting system enables mounting anything you require for your next job or adventure.


The Ranger (PX2) 15-18 roof rack platform system includes as standard, integrated 40W rear lights that can be used for reverse or rear accessory lighting depending on how you choose to wire them. It also includes the option to install our slimline 20” LED light bar in the rear. This light not only looks great but also enables additional switching in cab for rear tub use or for when setting up at a campsite.


Best of all is the compatibility for our 32” HD Combat light bar in the front. Our Combat LED light bar will fit flush, meaning it won’t interfere with anything overhanging the front of the rack platform. Our design is also far more streamlined than most allowing for less wind resistance, better economy and less wind noise.


We have designed our TrailMax roof rack platform system to be versatile. This means many accessories (including from other manufacturers) are able to be mounted directly to the TrailMax system. Another benefit of this is the ability to swap over to our roof rack platform system on your new 4×4 and yet still use all the mounting accessories you may have purchased for other brands!



  • Load capacity* – Dynamic 100kg, Static 300kg
  • Platform weight – 30kg
  • Made from Zinc coated and then powder coated Mild Steel with powder coated Aluminium sides.
  • Height adjustable mounting system.
  • Includes 2 x 40w rear, flush mount lights
  • Includes 2 x tie down straps


Recommended Extras:

STEDI ST-X LED Light Bar - 40"

- STEDI Quad Pro Driving Lights

- STEDI ST3K LED Slim Light Bar - 21.5" 20 LED


Trail Max Rack – Ford Ranger Dual Cab (PX2/PX3)

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